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Ms. Galloway's APUSH class.
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 Forum help? Can't sign up? Etc.

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William Chau
William Chau

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Forum help? Can't sign up? Etc. Empty
PostSubject: Forum help? Can't sign up? Etc.   Forum help? Can't sign up? Etc. Icon_minitimeFri Sep 12, 2008 1:30 am

Do you understand the basics of using a forum such as this? If not, take a minute or two to read the following as I will explain the gist of it.

Signing up.
If you did not sign up yet, I'll show you how to right now. If you already did, you can refer to the later areas of this post.

When you first access the site, you should see a taskbar that looks like this:
Forum help? Can't sign up? Etc. Signupiz7

You simply click "Register" to sign up. Yes, it's free. Follow through the pages and enter in your desired information. After signing in, they will ask for you to activate your account. Activate it and log in.

The taskbar* should now be expanded, meaning you now have access to the features of the forum!

*Forum help? Can't sign up? Etc. Aftermj3

If you do not know how to use a forum at all or if you don't know what a forum is, read the following.

This forum is quite simple to use. It's just like any other website.

You're probably wondering why they didn't ask for you to enter any other information besides a username and an email. Well, you can change that all by yourself. Refer to the taskbar.

Forum help? Can't sign up? Etc. Aftermj3

Click on "Profile" and that should take you to an area where you can add personal information about yourself. This should be on your screen afterwards.

Forum help? Can't sign up? Etc. Chachajr7

Your profile is your information. Preferences are your personal settings regarding the forum. Set it to your needs. A signature is a short message that can be displayed below your posts, such as mine on the bottom. An avatar is pretty much a profile picture. Please try to keep your avatar at a small size. Nobody wants their page to be stretched.

The point of this (and any other) forum is posting. That's the way everybody communicates. Posting is simple, but I worked up a little tutorial just for you.

First and foremost, here are the posting rules.

Quote :
-Administrators have power over everything, of course.
-Make sure your posts have SOME thought quality, not just random spouts.
-Any flaming will be moved to the the Spam section, so be aware of that.
-No spamming, please.
-Be sure you're friendly to everyone. After all, we do want to be friends with one another.

Anyway, just make sure you post in the right section, and everything will be alright.

First, choose a section in which to post it and click it (I'm pretty sure you don't need a picture). To post in an existing topic, just direct yourself and reply to it.

To create a new topic... click the NEW TOPIC button on the page.
Forum help? Can't sign up? Etc. Asdfasdfasfdasaaaaaaaaaea6

After that, just type whatever you want (make sure it's relevant) and there you have it. A good quality post.
Forum help? Can't sign up? Etc. Menhp4
Click "Send" after you're ready to submit your post.

Oh, and if you can, please try to type well enough so everybody can read it. It'd help a ton!

Posting functions.
The posting areas contain various different functions but don't fret, I'll show them to you. However, since they do not hold a significant place of importance, you'll have to figure out how to use them, if you do not know how to already.

Text functions:
Forum help? Can't sign up? Etc. Textif6

Smilies (Emoticons):
Forum help? Can't sign up? Etc. Smiliessl7

Other post functions and coding:
Forum help? Can't sign up? Etc. Sigqx2

Forum help? Can't sign up? Etc. Mc4d54b9d3b82f6cbf38386oq6
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Forum help? Can't sign up? Etc.
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